Pediatric Surgery Department

Services provided by the department
Repair of inguinal and umbilical hernias.
Treatment of undescended testis and hydrocele.
Treatment of congenital defects of the urinary and reproductive systems.
Repair of cleft lip and palate, tongue-tie, and other congenital defects of the mouth and throat.
Male circumcision.
Treatment of tracheal stenosis and diaphragmatic hernia.
Treatment of congenital defects of the digestive system, rectum, and anus in neonates and premature infants.
Treatment of thyroid cysts and branchial remnants in the neck.
Surgery for newborns.
Surgery for biliary atresia in children.
Surgery for benign and malignant tumors in children.
Surgery for liver diseases in children.
All types of endoscopic surgeries for children.

Overview Of The Department:


The Pediatric Surgery Department at the Armed Forces College of Medicine Hospital has a team of elite professors and consultants equipped with the highest level of technology to ensure the best results for pediatric congenital defects surgeries. The department has successfully performed a range of precise interventions, both surgical and endoscopic, such as congenital defects of the digestive system, Hirschsprung’s disease, inguinal hernia, undescended testis, and more.


Dr. Gamal El-Taji,
Professor and Head of Pediatric Surgery and Endoscopy Department at the AFCMH- Cairo University
Dr. Sherif Nabhan Qaddah
Professor of Pediatric Surgery and Endoscopy at AFCMH- Cairo University
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Monsef
Pediatric Surgery and Endoscopy Consultant at AFCMH and Ph.D. in Pediatric Surgery from Cairo University.


Dr. Mohamed Hisham Suleiman
Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Endoscopy, and Pediatric Urology at AFCMH.
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Latif Ayad
Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery at AFCMH